Are you a fan of India and Indian-themed items? If you answered yes, then this Redolence launch is for you! If not, give it a shot. India is known for thinking outside the box, and this scent does just that. Furthermore, the uniqueness of this country is that each individual is intimately tied to its roots, which is reflected in their products. In terms of today’s release, Redolence is introducing Ajmal, an Indian perfume that has quickly risen to the top of the world’s most coveted luxury things list. Let’s take a look at some of its fascinating history. The voyage of Ajmal Perfumes began in the early 1950s in Assam, India, when it was founded by the late Haji Ajmal Ali which tells the journey of ‘A Farmer to a Perfumer.’ Ajmal Perfumes is now a well-known luxury perfumery brand. Ajmal has mastered the art of perfume making throughout the course of its more than 60-year fragrance-producing history, and it occupies a distinct position in the Middle East’s perfumery market. Ajmal is now a regional corporate entity with a diverse portfolio of the region’s finest and most enticing perfumes. With over 135 exclusive retail shops, including 42 in the UAE, and hundreds of dealerships around the Middle East, Ajmal has built a significant presence. Ajmal also exports to over 24 other nations throughout the world.Redolence is a top-rated fragrance store where you can get discounted perfumes online. Do you want to know why we do this? Well, we love seeing happy grins on our customers’ faces, and we know where their happiness resides, which is obviously at 70% off the retail price. That is why we offer discounted perfumes. When it comes to Ajmal variations, we have:- Ajmal D’light, Ajmal Cuir Musc, Ajmal Chivalry, Ajmal Cento, Ajmal Carbon, Ajmal Blu, Ajmal Aurum, Ajmal Aristocrat, Ajmal Aqua, Ajmal Amber Wood, Ajmal Amber Santal, Ajmal Amber Musc, 1001 Nights and many more to choose from. So, if you have a strong connection to your Indian ancestry or enjoy indian luxuries, give this a shot. You can also browse our fragrance lists to find and buy multiple perfumes from Redolence and enjoy our amazing service!