Pollution is increasing in a world where everything is being modernized, technologized, and advanced every day, which is why many businesses and products are working around the clock to utilize more and more natural items instead of non-recyclable biodegradable products. Natural skincare products are widely available, but clean perfume is unrivaled when it comes to natural perfumes. Clean perfume not only uses natural chemicals in its products but also uses a recyclable bottle. This demonstrates their environmental sensitivity and concern for natural addicts. Before we go any further, let me give you some background information.

Randi Shinder founded Clean Perfume in 2003 in the United States. The original Clean fragrance—titled Clean—was the first in a successful line of straightforward and delightful perfumes that highlighted such pleasant aromas as freshly-showered skin, new laundry, and crisp cotton t-shirts and was inspired by the simple beauty in a bar of aromatic soap.

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