Perfumes are extremely potent in every manner. Humans associate fragrance with memories considerably more strongly than they do with sound or taste. Perfumes are more than just a pleasant odour. They can elicit emotions such as love, vitality, power, happiness, amazement, pleasure, and peace. That is why Redolence enjoys providing wonderful memories to its consumers. In other words, Redolence serves lifelong memories, and what could be better than that? Redolence is offering the well-known luxury brand in their scent base today at a discount of 70% off the retail price. The Tous scents are now available at the Redolence store. Salvador Tous Blavi and his wife Teresa Ponsa Mas started the Spanish (Catalan) jewellery business Tous in 1920. Their little workshop began as a watch repair shop and gradually expanded to include jewellery.
Salvador Tous, the founder’s son, married Rosa Oriol in 1965. In building the jewellery business, the newlyweds united their talents, experience, and ingenuity. Rosa Oriol created the company’s characteristic “bear” design in 1985, inspired by a teddy bear she encountered on her travels and wanted to recreate in gold. The company has been able to develop abroad because to the success of the Tous bear, which is considered a good luck charm by many. Tous bears are usually present in some form in their collections. Tous is still operated as a family business. Between 1987 and 1992, Salvador and Rosa’s four daughters—Rosa, Alba, Laura, and Marta—joined the company. Currently, the brand name is represented by over 380 stores in 45 countries spanning five continents. Tous now sells jewellery, as well as baby and children’s clothing, handbags, and tiny accessories. Tous began adding fragrances and cosmetics to its product line in 2002. Tous teamed up with Perfumes y Disenos in Spain, and the company’s debut scent, Tous Eau de Toilette for Women, was released in a bottle topped with the Tous bear as a cap. The distinctive bear emblem appears on the packaging or bottle of many of the scents in the collection. Let’s see how many different Tous scents there are. We’ve stored variations like: Tous Man Intense, Tous Les Colognes, Tous Love Moments, Tous L’eau, Tous Kids, Tous In Heaven, Tous Happy Moments, Tous H20, Tous Gems Power, Tous Gold, Tous Floral Touch So Fresh, Tous, Tous Bonjour Senorita, Tous 1920 The Origin, Baby Tous and many more for you to rely on. We understand how much our customers like shopping for perfume and perfumes online, especially when they are on discount . Therefore, we’re offering you a chance to save money on Redolence by buying discounted perfumes. Redolence is a venue where individuals have a good time while wearing perfume. They don’t simply buy it; they use it to share once-in-a-lifetime experiences. So, what do you have to lose? It’s time to buy your favorite perfume at discount with Redolence now!